YOGA and Crossfit

YOGA and Crossfit

CrossFit, one of the popular methods of high intensity training, develops agility, resistance, coordination, speed, power, precision, strength, cardiovascular endurance and requires balance and flexibility. Yoga, also popular lifestyle and training method, also develops balance, endurance, coordination, flexibility and mobility. While CrossFit demands to the body of strength and endurance to make intense muscle contractions and rapid during which the muscles shorten, Yoga offers movements slower and sometimes static, then stretches and postures that restore muscles by returning them to their original state before exercise. The Yoga will strengthen his muscles, gain mobility in the joints as well as flexibility and increase the range of motion. These are all "qualities" that the CrossFit athlete seeks and must develop to improve. This is what makes me leads to believe that Yoga and CrossFit are a winning team!

The word Yoga means "Union of body and mind". While practicing Yoga, the athlete is made to become fully aware of his body and his movements with a smoother and less intense than CrossFit. He also learns how and why make a movement because each direction that the body will take has repercussions on it. He may even prevent injuries by knowing asymmetries or tensions in his body. Having one side weaker than the other or improperly positioning your feet, back or hips during exercise can cause great damage in the body with a load on the shoulders. By practicing the Yoga, the athlete becomes aware of this and learns to adjust and align in his body in motion and in static. He will therefore know how to place his body in such a way optimal to reduce the risk of injury and increase performance. In observing how he positions himself in different postures, one side of his body versus the other, he will see precisely what he has to work on to improve and how run it.

Conscious breathing takes a big place in the practice of Yoga. The Pranayamas (breath control), among other things, bring oxygen to the brain and in the blood. It is also a way of calming and orienting the mind. An athlete who breathes well, who inhales and exhales at the right time at rest and during exertion, will be more focused on his training. Learn to breathe well in life by general and also during the effort is positive for the athlete because he will be less breathless and will feel more strength during his training. While the mind is focused on the breath, he slightly forgot the physical pain.

You have just seen that these two disciplines, although very different from each other, still have several similarities despite the way of working well different. Which one is right for you? Maybe a mixture of the two! To you to try!

Now in 2021, when I have tried different things and been around a lot of people in the field of training and yoga, I do believe that there is not just a great way to train. There are so many ways to move why stick to just one? I believe in movement and the variety of movement.

Our body offers us a multitude of possibilities, it is up to us to know how to take advantage of them !!!
Have fun!!!

Amelia Savard
Yoga Teacher and Former CrossFit Adept

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